Lucy Lawless
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About The Show

Director   Bryan Singer
Writer   Marco Pennette
Production Company   Touchstone Television
ABC Television Studio
Bad Hat Harry Productions
Brancato-Salke Productions
Shed Productions
Distributors   American Broadcasting Company (ABC) (USA) (TV)
Produced by:   Chris Brancato .... producer
Maureen Chadwick .... executive producer
Eileen Gallagher .... executive producer
Marco Pennette .... executive producer
Bert Salke .... executive producer
Mike McDonald
  Lucy Lawless
- see cast info for more details of the rest of the cast
Lucy's Role:
  Tanya Austin
- see Lucy's Role section for background and more information about Lucy's character of Tanya Austin
Genre   Drama (hour)
Premise   Football Wives tracks three ordinary women's lives as they are transformed by the celebrity and fortune that come with marriage to sports superstars.